The Monroe County Commissioners have expressed serious concern about the current house legislation that will increase Flood Premiums to unsustainable levels.


Furthermore, the commissioners discuss how Risk Rating 2.0 will “dramatically” change the way FEMA prices NFIP Policies.


Read their full resolution by clicking below.


StopFemaNow and all our Coalition Members want to thank County Commissioners Mayor Murphy, Mayor Pro Tem Kolhage, Coldiron, Carruthers and Rice for fighting to Keep Flood Insurance Affordable for not just the good folks in Monroe County, but for the 5 million flood policyholders across these United States.


Please call or email your mayor, send them this resolution, and ask them also pass a similar resolution. Then sent it to us, we will share!


We now have 9 Resolutions from Mayors, Cities and Counties. We are in discussion with elected officials across the country to provide us with similar resolutions.


Click here to view the current Resolutions http://www.stopfemanow.com/town-resolutions-to-stop-flood-insurance-increases/


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