We suggest you contact them and tell them your story.  Your story needs to be told.
# 1 in Louisiana – David Mitchell from the ADVOCATE is looking for anyone who has had bad experiences with insurers, post-August flood, and who have evidence their insurer is dealing in bad faith either by holding back legitimate expenses or changing what their actual damage was. Two companies who have been accused of doing this are Wright Insurance and U.S. Forensic. Both are based in the New Orleans area. But it doesn’t have to be limited to them. Call David’s cellphone 225 324 1877.
# 2 in New Jersey – Documentary Film maker Lauren Durr is from Louisiana and linking the problems during SANDY that are re-occuring again. If you have been denied by FEMA or were led down the winding maze of FEMA or other programs (RREM) . Also, looking for Sandy Suvivors that are facing outrageous flood insurance hikes. Please contact Lauren at laurendurr75@gmail.com . She will be filming in NJ on or about May 26th. You will need to be able to get filmed for an hour or so around this date.
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