4.5 years after Superstorm SANDY

2 years after this 60 Minutes Segment exposing FEMA Fraud
Over 7,000 Sandy Survivors still in litigation!
Call and email your congressmen and Senators. Enough is enough.
Tell them you are an SFN member. POWER IN NUMBERS.
Let them know;
1. No one has gotten fired for the fraud, delays and underpayments!
2. More money is spent at “reviewing our claims” than the actual award!
Over 250 million dollars has been spent on FEMA contractors.
3. Attorney FEES Must be paid by NFIP.
4. The same thing is happening in SE Louisiana right now.
5. FEMA / NFIP needs major overhaul, including flood insurance premiums.

Here is the 60 minutes report…. www.youtube.com/watch?v=11VjWZvA0Ig  


Brad Kieserman Personally promised George Kaimos he would REFORM NFIP.  Within weeks he was forced to resign.

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