4 months after the storm, Louisiana Residents are still waiting for their Flood Insurance Payments. (Delays, Denials and Underpayments have officially started in LA)

All LA residents with flood insurance should have been paid enough for a licensed contractor to rebuild their home….. Correctly.
This includes replacement of;
– replace all Top and Bottom Cabinets
– replace the full sheet of sheetrock, not just 4 feet.
– replace all electrical wires that were touched by water
– replace all siding, plywood and brickwork touched by water
Do Not let FEMA underpay you. They will DELAY, DENY, UNDERPAY you… and if that does not work… They will commit fraud against Louisiana residents like they did to New Jersey and New York residents after Superstorm Sandy.
FYI, the cost to rebuild an existing home is 25% higher to rebuild than a new home.

Watch the full newscast by clicking on link below.

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