Below are some findings and pictures of two meetings we had on Saturday.


Many of the homeowners attending did not know what “Substantially Damaged” means to the rebuilding process of their home.


Many folks were asking questions on how an SBA loan will preclude them from receiving grant money.  The words “Duplication of Benefits” have serious consequences to a homeowners bottom line.


We also discussed how a homeowner can prepare to apply for the 1.2 Billion Dollars about to hit South East Louisiana – the CDBG Grants (Community Development Block Grants overseen by HUD).


We continue to to see homeowners get underpaid by their flood insurance companies by 50% or more.  If you did not receive $150 per square foot for your flood damaged home, you are being grossly underpaid.


Come Join us for our last few meetings on Monday and Tuesday, see dates and times here.  .       The meetings are free, bring a friend!


We will be discussing the following rebuilding issues;

ICC – Increased Cost of Compliance (Up to $30,000 to help raise your home)

CDBG Block Grants – How to apply and get approved for  this grant

HMGP Grants – This money is in the state and available today.

SBA Loans – In some cases this loan can help you, but in other ways in can hurt you from obtaining free Grant funds.

203K Loans – Are another way to fund your rebuild and/or raise.

Flood Insurance Claim – How do I ensure I was paid fairly and in a timely fashion.

Flood Insurance Premiums – How much will I be paying in Flood Insurance premiums in the next few years?  “Grandfathering and subsidization has been phased out, everyone will now have to pay their true ‘actuary rate’.  Find out what your ‘actuary rate’ will be.


Join us at one of these meetings;


Monday @ 6:30 pm

MePas Diner –  6643 Sullivan Road, Greenwell Springs, LA 70739


Tuesday @ 1:30 pm

The Londoner Pub and Grill, 4215 S. Sherwood Forest Blvd.,  Baton Rouge, LA 70816

We would also like to thank Sondra Richard for supplying food and drinks to our meetings.



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