“Whatever your politics, I think there is an opportunity to get the fraud and incompetence of FEMA and the NFIP with the WYOs on President Trump’s radar.


Bill O’Reilly is interviewing Trump on Sunday and is asking the public for questions. He got over 7,000 emails yesterday.

If we, as a group, all take 5 minutes to send him an email, that vast number of similar emails might get O’Reilly’s attention and cause him to ask Trump.


I propose something like:


“Is President Trump going to investigate the fraud, mismanagement and bureaucracy associated with FEMA and the NFIP in their underpayment of citizens flood insurance claims from Superstorm Sandy and the August “Great Flood” in Louisiana.



If you want you could add something about your personal case, such as: I had over 5 feet of water in my house, wicking up to the second floor. I lost everything and was paid $75,000 on my $350,000 insurance policy. How is that even possible?





My flood Insurance Premiums have risen to the point that my Flood Insurance premium is more expensive than my mortgage.


EMAIL it to: oreilly@foxnews.com

Feel free to tweet at him too @oreillyfactor

Also contact him on Facebook  www.facebook.com/billoreillyfnc/


Please sign your name to it and let them know you are an SFN member.  There is power in numbers.



Sandi Field – StopFemaNow member in New Jersey”


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