Roy Wright, the Acting NFIP head, stated he would have the Sandy Review process finished in 90 days!  Why after 2 years are 7,000 homeowners still waiting to get paid?  Read the full story here

Read what Senator Menendez and Congressman MacArthur have said about FEMA’s denials, underpayment and fraud with the Sandy Flood Claims


“A pattern began to emerge after constituents shared with me horror stories of being paid pennies on the dollar on their flood insurance policies. FEMA denied this, but I trusted the victims.


We quickly learned of a widespread scheme to deny and underpay. Engineering reports had been altered after the fact. Denials came with creative reasons like “preexisting condition” or “earth movement.” I led Congressional hearings and the Sandy Task Force, and pounded FEMA and the insurance companies until they agreed to reopen every single Sandy flood insurance claim for those who thought they were underpaid.”


-Senator Menedez, October 2016                                                          Read the full article here




“U.S. Rep. Tom MacArthur had some harsh words for the Federal Emergency Management Agency and its administrator, W. Craig Fugate.


He wants an “immediate investigation” into the agency over allegations that it knew of fraudulent practices used to deny full insurance payouts to victims of Hurricane Sandy — as well as Fugate’s head.


“I am outraged and saddened to hear reports that FEMA may have turned a blind eye to corrupt and fraudulent practices used to deny full assistance to families and individuals recovering from Superstorm Sandy,” MacArthur said in a statement. “It is simply shocking that the Agency could have known about these private insurers’ wrongdoings as early as August of 2013, yet did nothing about it.”

“I have long been a champion for restoring accountability to FEMA, and this latest news underscores the need for real change at the Agency,” MacArthur added. “That is why I am also calling upon W. Craig Fugate to resign from his role as FEMA Administrator. For too long, this Agency has mishandled their fundamental role to help disaster survivors. Administrator Fugate has failed as a leader and must step down before any further harm is done.”

Congressman MacArthur – March 2015                Read the full story here


We urge all Sandy Survivors, in NY and NJ, to call their Senators and Congressmen to call for a full investigation into the Fraud / Underpayments and to receive their full and fair payment in a timely fashion.


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