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Homeowners in St. Augustine, Florida are having NFIP Problems

The NFIP does not pay the claims fairly or in a timely fashion, no matter what state you reside in.



Watch the full news video here



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Superstorm Sandy and Baton Rouge flood panel with Congressman Garret Graves, Sen. Bodi White, George Kasimos & hosted by Dr. Nufrio

Dr. Nufrio chaired a national panel on “Lessons Learned” from the Storm Recoveries of Superstorm Sandy and the 2016 Baton Rouge Flood.  Directly below is the full video.  The conference is part of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) National conference in Atlanta, GA.  It was held on Sunday, March 19, 2017.



Below are clips of key points of the conference.


10:40 Congressman Graves “If 8 Billion Mitigation Dollars were spent before Katrina, 90% of the lives and $135 Billion Dollars would have been saved.”


11: 26 Congressman Graves – “Ratepayer are being subjected to extraordinary rates ”  (flood insurance premiums) .  “Not true actuarial rates”


37:07  Congressman Graves – “I have not had a good experience with FEMA.” “Especially Infuriating”

37:52  “FEMA is worse overall” (From Previous Storms- Katrina, Rita, Ike, etc.)


38:50  Congressman Graves- “FEMA does not know how to allocate resources”. I don’t have tolerance for FEMA inefficiencies.

39:40  George Kasimos – There is no Emergency in FEMA.

40:23  George Kasimos – 4.5 years and Superstorm Sandy Survivors are still waiting to get paid on their claims.

41:07  George Kasimos – Louisiana Still has not received the 1.2 Billion in Funds to rebuild.  (7 months after the storm)

48:10 Dr. Nufrio – Deregulation of the Stafford Act requirements.  Flood Survivors are “further victimized by the government having to deal with the bureaucracy”.

48:35 George Kasimos – “Why do we have to fill out the same paperwork for FEMA, Red Cross, Catholic Charities, LTRG, Rental Assistance, Grant Programs, etc…?  We should only have to apply one time”

49:25  George Kasimos – “Lost Paperwork, Repeatedly Submitted”.  Not allowed to fax over paperwork.  Had to drive it to the program location.

49:45  George Kasimos – “FEMA is the Disaster”

49:50  Dr. Nufrio – Think about the Seniors walking away, from grant money, because of  the bureaucracy

52:00  George Kasimos – Before rebuilding homeowners need to know what their flood insurance premium will rising to in the next few years.  IS IT EVEN WORTH IT TO REBUILD IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD THE FLOOD INSURANCE PREMIUMS?

54:02  Congressman Graves – Mitigation saves more than 1 to 4 in cost savings.

54:30  Congressman Graves – There are mitigation projects from dozens of Federal agencies, we need to stop that.  (they need to be better coordinated).  “Some Mitigation projects are 40 years old, if it makes sense to build it, it makes sense to build it now”

55:40  Congressman Graves – Mitigation projects need to be considered more holistically – on a community basis.  Not individual house raising.

56:20 Congressman Graves – HUD plays a big role in recovery.  “Time Costs Money”.  Because of delays, I have relatives that sold their homes for $30,000.  “There are new rules for every disaster”.

57:51 – Congressman Graves – “I don’t see FEMA fixing itself”

59:40  Congressman Graves – “The Bureaucracy re-victimizes survivors”

1:02:25  Senator Brodie – The $15,000 temporary housing programs are a “waste of taxpayer money”.

1:04:58  Sen. Brodie / Cong. Graves – FEMA TRAILERS

The cost for a FEMA trailer is “ASTRONOMICAL”.  The Average cost for a FEMA trailer is $129,000.  “THIS IS RIDICULOUS”  .

1:09:40  Congressman Graves / Senator Brodie – The Sheriff’s department was ignored when it asked FEMA for funds to buy trailers for their officers.  The Sheriff’s department could have purchased 6 Trailers for every trailer FEMA purchased.  Congressman graves stated that the Sheriff’s office could purchase a trailer for $37,000 installed and the dealer would buy it back for $8,000 = $25,000 per trailer.  FEMA is paying $150,000 for a similar trailer.  The Sheriff’s Department was denied even though they are 600% cheaper!

1:14:00      Congressman Graves discussing FEMA  Communicating to flood survivors; Substantially Damaged, Licensed Contractors, Programs for assistance

The Panel Members


Professor Phil Nufrio – Metropolitan College – New York – Host

Professor Mirabella – Seton Hall University – New Jersey – Host

Congressman Garret Graves – Louisiana

Senator Mack “Bodi” White – Louisiana

John Petrosino – New Jersey Dept. of Consumer Affairs – RREM Program

George Kasimos – StopFemaNow Founder – New Jersey



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Live Panel on Flood Recovery with Congressman Graves (LA), Senator “Bodi” White, Jr. (LA), George Kasimos and more…

“An Assessment on Superstorm Sandy and Baton Rouge Flood Recovery”

The panel is composed of “

Congressman Graves – Louisiana

Senator Mack A. “Bodi” White, Jr.- Louisiana

George Kasimos – StopFemaNow, Founder

John Petrocini – State of NJ – Recovery Office

Moderated by Dr. Phil Nufrio, PHD.  and Superstorm Sandy Survivor

To view the live conference please friend and/or search George Kasimos on Facebook and click on the livestream.  Or join this facebook Group, , and click on the live stream.  Or go to and click on the live stream.

George Kasimos comes on at the 26 minute mark.

Please comment and share.

Senator White and George Kasimos

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Senator Kennedy (LA) – “Fire FEMA Flood Insurance Consultants” – WATCH INVESTIGATIVE NEWS VIDEO

Senator Kennedy had pointed questions for Roy Wright, FEMA’s flood insurance chief, at a Senate hearing in Washington this week. He wanted to know why two Metairie, LA firms were allowed to serve as consultants to insurance companies and get paid with federal money even after their conduct was criticized by a federal judge.

“You can’t pick up the phone and call these companies and go, ‘Hey, we’ve got some problems here?’” Kennedy asked Wright.

Kennedy was talking about engineering company U.S. Forensic and attorney Gerald Nielsen. They were both blasted by a federal judge in New York after U.S. Forensic altered a report to deny a Hurricane Sandy flood claim, and then the insurance company Nielsen represented failed to disclose it.

“It’s bad enough that they flooded,” Kennedy said. “But to have a taxpayer-funded consultant making it impossible to collect on their insurance when they paid the premiums and they’re due the money. By God, that’s wrong.”


Magistrate Judge Gary Brown questioned U.S. Forensic’s practice of “peer review,” in which engineers who never go to a property can change the findings of an engineer who actually saw the damaged property. Brown found U.S. Forensic engaged in “reprehensible gamesmanship” when they took a report that said Hurricane Sandy caused structural damage to a home in New York and changed it to say there was no evidence of structural damage.


U.S. Forensic’s founder and managing partner, Gary Bell, stands by the peer review process and said Kennedy doesn’t fully understand the issue.


“Despite the language used in Judge Brown’s opinion, it has never been determined that U.S. Forensic ever issued an incorrect report,” Bell said. “Rather, Judge Brown criticized the engineering process in which U.S. Forensic arrived at its final conclusion – without any concern at all regarding whether that final conclusion was correct.”


Wright’s predecessor at FEMA, Brad Kieserman, accused U.S. Forensic of fraud and promised senators in 2015 that he would remove any company alleged of wrongdoing. But since taking over at the end of 2015, Wright has backed off that position, saying he could only debar one engineering firm, HiRise Engineering, which was convicted of a crime for altering reports without their engineer’s knowledge.


“As Mr. Wright indicated, after several years, no one has found any evidence of anything improper done by U.S. Forensic,” Bell said.


FEMA paid $60 million for insurance companies’ litigation costs to fight Sandy claimants in court. Nielsen, the leading flood insurance defense lawyer in the country, represented the insurance company that hired U.S. Forensic in the case that went before Judge Brown. Brown imposed sanctions against the insurance company and Nielsen for failing to disclose the original engineering report when ordered to do so by the court.


“I don’t know the gentleman, but he’s got some explaining to do when a United States District Court Judge, a federal judge, fines your client $1 million because of your conduct,” Kennedy said about Nielsen. “That’s a tough one to explain.”


Nielsen said his FEMA-funded litigation work for 17 insurance companies was necessary to prevent massive overpayments by FEMA. When he was shut out of that process in what was called the Sandy Review, Nielsen said FEMA caved to political pressure and spent an extra $1 billion settling disputed Sandy claims.


Nielsen said he would be sending a letter to Kennedy and U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise, the House Majority Whip from Metairie, offering to sit down with them this week and provide them with what he called a “treasure trove of information about what really went on in New York.”


Kennedy vowed to give FEMA the authority to hire and fire individual adjusters, engineers and lawyers. “It wouldn’t surprise me to see an amendment offered on some bills in the United State Senate to give (FEMA) the authority (to hire and fire consultants) if they think they don’t have it,” Kennedy said.


He also said he would work to save the endangered federal flood insurance program. Only a few coastal states, primarily Florida and Louisiana, pay premiums to fund the program, and massive claims payouts for Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy and the August 2016 flooding in Louisiana have pushed the unfunded liability to $25 billion.


That’s why a lot of members of Congress from low-risk states are reticent to re-authorize the program.


“We’re gonna get it renewed,” Kennedy said. “Now, it’s not gonna be easy and it’s gonna be a fight and there’s gonna be opposition. But we don’t have a choice, we gotta get it renewed.”


Watch the David Hammer Investigative Report Here



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Sen. Menendez – NJ and Sen. Kennedy – LA Grill NFIP Chief over Flood Claims – WATCH WWL Newscast

David Hammer’s exclusive investigation of the National Flood Insurance Program was the basis of questions at a D.C. hearing today by U.S. Sen. John Neely Kennedy and Senator Menendez grilling FEMA’s NFIP chief.


Watch the investigative report here;



Watch Senator Menendez’s full questioning of NFIP Chief here



Watch Senator Kennedy’s full questioning here





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