“Thank you all very much for your kind words and support, but I am not a hero. I was just someone trying hard to do his job for his employer, for taxpayers and for all of you homeowners. I think that’s true for a lot of the front line adjusters and managers who work storms, but sometimes the system is so rigged from the top that decent people are used as tools and they might not even realize how much damage they are doing to the victims.

We all heard FEMA admit that fraud happened last year with its engineers and WYO insurance companies, but I sincerely believed that this review process was going to help fix that problem and get the right amount of money into the hands of the people.
I was dead wrong.

The system was, and is, rigged from the highest levels to underpay claims.

Not everyone there is bad.
In fact, I’m sure a lot of the front line caseworkers don’t even realize how badly they are underpaying people. But the people in charge definitely know because they’re the ones who set up the fraudulent system by doing things like forcing people across the board to apply threshold damage calculators rather than trying in good faith to pay what is owed under the policies.

I just hope that with more of this information coming out at least some of the people at the Sandy Review will see the light and realize what they’re doing to people, like I did.”

JEff Coolidge - Hero

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