FEMA offered Ocean County municipalities the option to adopt preliminary flood maps.

We reached out to Brick, NJ  Mayor Ducey for a comment on the preliminary map adoption which would have added over 1,300 homes into the flood zone.  

Mayor Ducey stated  “Brick is officially not adopting the 2015 Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Map for Ocean County.  We will continue to use the 2006 maps to regulate flood plain management for our town.  

Brick township has not spent any outside funding on appeal of the Preliminary Flood Maps.  Both rounds of appeals were completed in-house.  These appeals were completed in 2014 and 2015.  Both were successful in having properties mapped as V-Zones reevaluated and corrected to A-Zones.  

Since the NYC appeal has resulted in the entire region being remapped again, it would be a waste of time and resources to appeal the 2015 preliminary map any further at this time because it is a map that we know is going to change.”

Note:  Brick, NJ  has the most waterfront acreage than any city in NJ.

Read FEMA’s offer here;


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