If anyone ever says that all we do is criticize, they could not be more wrong. When we support something fundamental to us, we go ALL IN. When we have a champion, we back them just as fiercely as we might grill those trying to, literally, throw us down the river. And today our longest champion once again showed why he is literally the lion of the homeowners and the flood victims: Senator Menendez  introduced the most comprehensive, BI-PARTISAN homeowner-protective, NFIP reforms we could have asked for.


Several prominent and senior Republicans and Democrats are already sponsoring the bill. Unfortunately there are other Republicans and Democrats who aren’t listening to us…….. yet.


Sen. Menendez listened to our calls, he came to our meetings, his staff did their homework and he understood our issues.. And now he’s got the most powerful Republicans and Democrats on the Committee joining. You can love or hate these Senators on every other issue (keep that to yourself!) but Senators Marco Rubio and Elizabeth Warren, Van Hollen and Cochran, Kennedy and now Booker and Nelson proved today they have our backs when it comes to flood. So now we’ll have their backs too.  WE REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER.


Now we need to make sure that everyone across the country stands with us.  There are several other proposed flood insurance bills in congress, some are wishy washy and don’t address all our needs others were literally written by the insurance companies and will offer us less protection and accelerate flood premium increases.


We need you need to join THIS bill. You need to step up. The bill’s juts being circulated, so it’s time to make the calls as the other Senators begin to learn about this. Does Senator Cruz and Senator Collins support this Policyholder – Centric bill? Is Bernie Saunders going to support the Menendez bill? This is the biggest moment in STOPFEMANOW and our members history, because it is about the future—saving our our homes and saving our communities.


Call your Congressmen, call your Senators, tell them to support the “SAFE Flood Insurance Bill” introduced yesterday by Senator Menendez.


Some of the features of the bill are:

  1. NO earth movement exception. Gone. Literally the bill says that FEMA cannot use earth movement as an excuse to not pay out. This was a joke that FEMA used to deny payments, but no joke to victims. Menendez’s bill eliminates it. That simple.

  2. Caps premium increases at 10% a year. That’s instead of 15% or 18% or even 25% depending on if it was your first or second home. This cap is desperately needed, much better than anyone else’s bill. This is going to be the huge fight. Critics won’t take it lying down.

  3. Freezes interest payments that FEMA pays for debt on the NFIP that was basically all caused by the levy failures in Katrina. That’s $400 million a year that the federal government has to pay in interest (to itself!) before even one dollar goes to lowering premiums. It’s absurd. As Menendez says, it’s like robbing Peter to Pay Paul. Stopping those interest payments allows for a huge investment in mitigation. And that’s what this bill does.

  4. MITIGATION and RESILIENCY. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Literally every dollar we spend on prevention saves over 4 dollars (it’s actually much more). Menendez’s bill supercharges mitigation. ICC goes from $30,000 to $100,000 (!!). Flood mitigation assistance goes up to a billion, pre-hazard mitigation up to half a billion. We’re talking sea walls, levies, dunes, stronger homes and lower premiums as a result. Yes, yes, and yes.

  5. Caps WYO compensation at around 22%. The WYOs were taking (stealing?) 31% of every premium dollar before we ever saw a penny. Not cool. Menendez’s bill fixes that. WYOs will hate; we love. Our dollars should go to making it more affordable and paying out victims, not middlemen. Menendez is going to take major heat for this; we need to have his back.

  6. Gets legal fees for the next victims. Huge deal. How many of you had to pay your lawyers 30% that YOU deserved to keep! If you win on appeal, you get legal fees paid for. If you win in court, you get legal fees paid for. You paid for an expert adjuster? You get that back. And the WYOs are on the hook for all these fees if they underpaid.

  7. DOUBLES statute of limitations. How many storm victims found out they couldn’t sue because the statute of limitations ran out while they were just trying to get their life together. Menendez doubles it. Justice doesn’t just expire in a year.

  8. Proof of loss reform. No longer this huge burden, no longer an excuse to throw out your claim or deny you in court. If the WYO sees an honest mistake, they now just have to point it out and you can correct it like an adult. They can’t just use some technicality to throw you out.

  9. Better mapping, Lidar. Maybe you noticed, but technology’s gotten just a little bit better in the last several decades. Maybe the government should catch up, instead of giving us inaccurate maps. Lidar is the new technology that gets it right. Investing in it also means that homeowners will not have to pay for EC’s.

  10. FEMA must meet 90 day appeals deadline, or it loses. Ha. Love it. That’s how it should be. The appeals after Sandy was a joke. FEMA would never get back to you. Now, if they don’t get back to you, they lose.

  11. $800 million dollars to update all the flood maps.

    I could go on and on.   The Devil’s in the details and the negotiations in the Senate and House of Representatives.

Now go out and call your Senators and Congressmen and tell them to support the “SAFE Flood Insurance Bill”.






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