This letter is in response to Congressman Donovan’s news article in the Staten Island Advance concerning Sandy Flood Claims and other Flood Insurance Issues.



Mr. Donovan,



I am writing because your lack of concern concerning Sandy Claims is shameful.


Thousands of Sandy Flood Policyholders are still waiting to schedule a hearing on their claim.  FEMA has stopped scheduling hearings and will deny Sandy Survivors “due process”.


We have never heard from or have been contacted from anyone in your office about any Sandy issue.  EVER.


Our group has been to DC over a dozen times.  Not once have you or any of your staff met with us.  Yet Senator Schumer, Gillibrand, Menendez, Booker and  dozens of congressmen from  NY/NJ area been in contact with our group concerning SANDY issues.  Most work together in a bi-partisan manner.


Congressman Grimm has reached out to us on numerous occasions concerning HFIAA, Homeowners Flood Insurance Affordability Act.  He was an advocate for the people.  He worked with all NY/NJ elected officials and our group to fix our issues.


Your silence on the Sandy Claims issue is deafening.  It’s been 5 years and folks are not only waiting to get paid, but their “due process” is being denied.


In the Staten Island Advance article you stated Mr. Grimm is “Unnecessarily Alarming People” about Sandy Claims and Flood Insurance issues.

SHAME ON YOU MR. DONOVAN for politicizing Sandy Issues for your political gain, on the backs of SANDY SURVIVORS still struggling to get back into their homes.


You should have been ringing the alarm for years on all the FRAUD and Underpayment from FEMA/NFIP,  instead of politicizing this issue or your political gain.



I look forward to hearing how you will advocate for SANDY Survivors concerning our flood insurance claims and having our “Due Process” denied.


George Kasimos Founder



Below are pictures of Democrat and Republican Congressman and Senators working with StopFemaNow on SANDY Claims and Flood Insurance Issues.


Click on the link below to read the full SI ADVANCE Article





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