“It’s not a surprise to me that people are frustrated with government. Look no further than at what we’re experiencing in south Louisiana today – being re-victimized by FEMA and the SBA in our recovery effort. It is cause for extraordinary frustration. No one in America wants this; having to deal with the bureaucracy, wasting money and taking months and spending 10 times to do what the local officials or our community could do for a fraction of the cost at a fraction of the time. People want government to be responsive and help them. People want government to be efficient. We can do better than this, and we’re going to keep pressing, keep pushing and keep fighting until people get what they deserve out of government.”

  • Residents living in a car wash.

  • Residents living in tents

  • Residents living in gutted homes

  • FEMA spending $100,000 for a temporary trailers.  The state can do it for $10,000 but denied by FEMA.

Wait till they find out FEMA/NFIP is lowballing and fraudulent to Louisiana flood policy holders….

Watch the full video here.



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