A critical FAA bill is being “negotiated” in the capital and some congressmen are trying to “sneak” in some provisions to help Private Flood Insurance Companies.

 Meanwhile these same congressmen, being led by congressman Dennis Ross from Florida, has not address the issues below.


Congressman Ross has not even asked additional funding to help flood survivors get paid on their claims in Florida.


Instead of “looking out” for private flood insurance companies, Congressman Ross should be advocating the following;


  • increasing affordability

  • investing in mitigation

  • making sure claims are paid quickly

  • reducing fraud in NFIP claims process

  • does not reauthorize NFIP which expires in December.

  • raising borrowing authority to pay for Harvey, Irma and Maria Flood Claims

  • Fixing inaccurate flood maps.

  • Getting SANDY Survivors paid after 5 years!

The private insurers “concerns” are being pushed so their issues can be “snuck in through the back door”.  This is shameful.  Meanwhile residents in Florida and across the country will suffer.


Watch Congressman Pallone discuss it here


Below is another article where Senator Nelson – FL discusses his concerns.


House Heads to FAA Extension Vote as Senators Warn of Trouble


By Jacob Fischler, CQ



The House is scheduled to hold a floor vote Thursday on a bill that would reauthorize the Federal Aviation Administration for six months even as senators from both parties criticize a measure that must be passed before the current authorization expires Saturday.


Sen. Bill Nelson, the ranking Democrat on the committee that has FAA oversight, and Louisiana’s two Republican senators said they dislike a provision in the House bill (HR 3823) that would allow private insurance under the National Flood Insurance Program.


Nelson, of Florida, said Wednesday the flood insurance provision would derail the entire bill, which extends authority for the FAA to collect a variety of taxes and dispense grant money through March, and includes tax provisions that would aid victims of recent hurricanes.



“We want a clean extension,” Nelson said. “Privatizing flood insurance, that’s not acceptable. It will not pass with privatizing flood insurance.”


The House on Wednesday approved the rule (H Res 538) that sets the bill up for a floor vote Thursday. Current FAA authority (PL 114-190) expires Saturday at midnight.



Asked if there was time before that deadline for the House to pass a different FAA extension bill the Senate could then vote on, Nelson responded: “They’ll have to make time.”


Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., the chairman of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, said Wednesday he hoped to be able to clear the House bill by unanimous consent Thursday or Friday.


“Whatever the House sends us, which I think will be a six-month extension with a few add-ons, probably comes over and we’ll try and move that as quickly as we can,” he said.


Nelson, the ranking member of that committee, could complicate that plan.


Louisiana Republican Sens. Bill Cassidy and John Kennedy are also critics of the flood insurance provisions. The pair issued a statement urging the House to leave it out and address that issue separate. They stopped short of saying they would vote against the bill.


“I don’t know yet, we’re looking at it,” Kennedy told CQ when asked about his position on the bill. “I’m not real crazy about mixing apples and oranges.”


Louisiana House members, including Republican Garret Graves, also opposed the bill.


Graves, who is chairman of House Transportation and Infrastructure’s Water Resources and Environment Subcommittee, said he supported the FAA extension but opposed the flood insurance provision and found a section to provide tax relief to hurricane victims in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands unfair because the same relief wasn’t offered to those affected by other hurricanes in recent years.


House Republicans said they had no plans to revise the bill. The chamber is not in session Friday.


“I don’t know how the Senate is going to approach it, but we’re doing exactly the right thing here in the House,” said Kevin Brady, R-Texas, the chairman of House Ways and Means and the bill’s sponsor. “We have a lot of families in Texas, in Florida, in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands who need this help now. So I’m hopeful the Senate moves quickly on it.”




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