Dear Advocate Staff,


We are asking you to dig deeper into FEMA’s statistics.  Specifically about the Flood Insurance Claims.


FEMA has lied to Congressman Pallone – NJ, about Superstorm Sandy Flood Claims.  over 4.5 years have passed from Superstorm Sandy and homeowners are still trying to get paid fairly on their claim.  Read how they lied about how the Flood Claims have been handled.


Don’t you find it odd that homeowners, who did everything right and had flood insurance, are still waiting to get paid….. 6 months after the Great Storm?


Mr. Hardy’s article states that the average homeowner has received $85,000 per homeowner.  For an average 1,500 sq. foot home that equals $57 per square foot.  This amount is woefully short.  FEMA is not paying to replace the brick facades (the plywood behind the facade needs to be replaced, the only way to replace it is to remove the facade, replace the plywood and rebuild a new facade- A Majority of the homeowners are not getting paid for this).  FEMA is misrepresenting the room sizes.  FEMA is forgetting to add  items that were flooded such as doors, electrical wiring, top cabinets and more…  FEMA is “losing” homeowners paperwork on an industrial scale.


Shouldn’t a home that was deemed “Substantially Damaged” be awarded a “Substantial” flood insurance claim?


The goal of FEMA is to wear folks down.  Every day another handful of homeowners “give up the fight and settle” and take what settlement FEMA gives them.  Read here why NY/NJ homeonwers were reluctant to re-open their flood claims after Superstorm Sandy


This is the same underpayments, delays and denials like we had in NY and NJ after Superstorm Sandy.  We suspect you will find fraud like we exposed on 60 Minutes and here Congressman MacArthur calls for FEMA Adminsitrator Fugate to be investigated and Fired after another whistleblower comes out and exposes more fraud.


We have made two trips to SouthEast Louisiana since the Great Storm.  We have found the same systematic underpayment, denial and delays.  Watch newscast from our meetings with SE LA residents.


We urge the staff and editors at the Advocate to please look into this.  Peoples homes will depend on you.


Nothing would please us more than for you to prove us wrong.



StopFemaNow Members

Below are pictures of busloads of Sandy Survivors , 4 years after the storm, in Washington, DC in Congress Supporting Congressman MacArthur on exposing additional fraud on our flood insurance claims.









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