Thousands still homeless in Texas, Florida and Louisiana after recent Hurricanes. Texas recently announced the $900 million grant program .  It is years from implementation.


These homeowners are either homeless or struggling to pay mortgage on their flooded home and rent on a “temporary” apartment.


FEMA is auctioning off brand new trailers for pennies on the dollar. These families could easily live in them until they get back home.  Read the full story here


After Superstorm Sandy FEMA sold hundreds of unused trailers. Many are still homeless from Superstorm Sandy….6 years ago.


In Louisiana FEMA was purchasing $150,000 “temporary trailers” to install in front of $100,000 homes in Louisiana as “temporary housing” while homeowners rebuilt.  FEMA also spent $30,000 to transport each trailer and tens of thousands to install at the home.  Close to $200,00


Who is in charge of approving the sale of trailers, both now and during Superstorm Sandy?  Why is no one being held accountable?


This 1 minute video explains the exorbitant cost of trailers.


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