We have basically proven that FEMA  has committed repeated FRAUD over a decade and is not paying us a fair payout for our Claims, for tens of thousands of NY / NJ residents-  almost 4 years after our claim was filed.

What is actually a bigger crime is that millions of homeowners are being overcharged thousands of dollars a years. (This amounts to billions of dollars in overcharges to Flood Insurance Policy Holders).
Here are a few examples.
Councilwoman Claudette D’arrigio – Highlands, NJ raised her home over 10 feet. Yet because of a mapping error she was still being charged over $30,000 a year. After Senator Menendez personally intervened in her case, FEMA did her a “favor” and lowered her premium to $6,000 a year. Her flood insurance should actually be less than $500 a year, but due to a “technicality” she is forced to pay $6,000 a year.
Doug Quinn –  Toms River, NJ – (He is a Veteran – Semper Fi) – has been fighting FEMA for a fair payout on his Flood Claim. For the last 4 years he has been paying a mortgage, taxes AND Flood Insurance on a dirt lot, his home was knocked down years ago. Here is the crazy part. He is FORCED to pay $2,000 a year for flood insurance on a dirt lot.  No congressman or Senator has been able to get FEMA to listen and fix the problem.
How are the tens of thousands of current residents waiting for a fair claim, supposed to hang on? The more FEMA denies and delays our claims the more some of our members have to give up, and settle for a paltry claim, because they could not hold any longer – financially or emotionally.
Existing levee systems across the country, designed and built to protect homes from flood waters are not being “recognized” by FEMA for their flood protection, unnecessarily designating hundreds of thousands homes into higher flood risk zones forcing them to pay thousands more in flood insurance.
The article below states “As a result of FEMA’s errors, numerous oceanfront buildings now find themselves partially in the VE zone, some by as few as five feet. Because federal policy states if any portion of a building is located within the VE zone, the entire building is subject to the flood insurance requirements. For some individual property owners, the flood insurance rates in the VE zone run as high as $22,000 annually. For at least one oceanfront property used as an example, the flood insurance premium for the entire building approached half a million dollars. City Engineer Terry McGean outlined the apparent snafu and the associated exorbitant insurance rates for the Mayor and Council on Tuesday.
FEMA is not being held accountable.

Until all 22,000 flood zone communities join in as one group, FEMA will divide us and conquer. If you are a leader in your community who would like to fight FEMA’s flood maps, flood zone designations, exorbitant flood insurance premiums, low ball flood insurance claim or any other issue please contact at StopFemaNow@gmail.com   Include your state, county, city, issue and cell number.

Call your congressmen and Senators and tell them you want FEMA held Accountable.

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