~May 18 letters will go out to ALL policy holders who had a claim in for Sandy. You will have 60-90 days to respond but the goal of this process is to have a final resolution within 45 days of your initial response to receiving your letter. If the homeowner needs more time you will get it but the goal is to finalize the claim quickly since this has gone on so long already.

~People with engineered reports will be handled first. Possible the still homeless handled first as well.

~Once you receive your letter you Opt In to review your claim by either phone or email. Then you would have a basic intake phone meeting with your newly trained claims adjuster. They referred to this as a case manager but will now change that because of the confusion it will obviously cause. You will have a direct line of contact with this person (unlike the nonsense FEMA 800number we have dealt with in the past) you will have his/her direct phone and email. They will also have a “buddy backup” system in case your adjuster isn’t available someone else will get back to you quickly.

~The goal is for your adjuster to build a case to get you what you are entitled to under your policy. This adjuster is to be working in “the best interest of the policy holder.” He/she will be very clear with you on why exactly something may not be covered under the policy.

~After you have submitted everything they need (pictures, receipts, etc) they hope to have a decision within 14 days. If you are not satisfied you can go to a 3rd party neutral to help mediate. They aren’t yet sure who this will be but maybe retired judges.

~DOB issue needs to be decided locally (by NYR, RREM, BIB) and approved by HUD.

~FEMA will not pay for lawyer fees because this process doesn’t require a lawyer.

~What if now with more money people are considered Substantially Damaged? This uncertainty will hold people back from opening the claim. FEMA said the local municipality will decide this and if a waiver can be given. George rocked this one!

~If a house has already been knocked down they said this will not be an issue. There will be pictures original claim.

~Local non profits will be helping and working as an advocate for you so please stay tuned.

View full article here  http://www.app.com/story/news/local/monmouth-county/sandy-recovery/2015/05/07/sandy-fema-claims-letters/70939654/

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