Congressman Pallone, on camera, agreed with Congressman MacArthur that FEMA Needs to be investigated for FRAUD.

FEMA is feeding congressmen erroneous statistics on the Re-opening of Sandy Claims, stating 99% are completed! This is Bull@%it!  And the amounts being awarded are not even close to fair.  Why do homeowners have to pay for their attorney fees even after FEMA has been caught being fraudulent on 60 Minutes and Frontline  news reports.
The underpayment of claims fraud has been happening long before Superstorm Sandy. Read how Flood Claims were fraudulently underpaid over a decade ago in North Carolina, click on link here
I strongly suggest that our Superstorm Sandy Survivors, still waiting 4 years to be paid for a fair claim, to call their congressmen and Senators and demand a fair payment, find your elected officials here 
To recent flood survivors in Louisiana, North and South Carolina and Florida… make sure this FRAUDULENT underpayment of flood claims does not continue. We will be looking out for you !!
Why is Fugate – FEMA Administrator, Roy Wright – NFIP Administrator, Gerry Nielsen – Legal Counsel for NFIP and other leaders still at the helm of an organization that has been continually caught being fraudulent to its policyholders?
Not only has no one gone to Jail, but no one has even gotten fired.
Even the previous NFIP administrator – Brad Kieserman, was not fired. He resigned and went to work for the Red Cross. (More like a promotion).
Why are folks like Highlands Councilwoman Claudette D’arrigo and thousands of others being punished…. They raised their homes over 15 feet. Their flood insurance bill is still over $20,000 a year. (This is not a typo, over twenty thousand dollars a year… )
We have to fix this NOW. Call your congressman and Senators. Let them know you are a StopFemaNow member. There is POWER IN NUMBERS.
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