Why are tens of thousands of residents in Louisiana Residents sleeping in tents, months after the August Storm (“Forgotten Storm”).

Please SHARE THIS, the media has virtually ignored the 3rd Largest Flood in U.S. History.

Why do U.S. Citizens like Deborah Morgan Smith h have to organize Donation drives from her town in Pittsburgh, pay for rental trucks and gas out of her own pocket, take time off of her job to deliver MUCH NEEDED relief supplies to the The Cajun Army

To our friends and neighbors from across the Northeast and across the country please SHARE THIS, the media has virtually ignored the 3rd Largest Flood in U.S. History.

It is SHAMEFUL that a country as rich and generous as our country, will donate billions to other countries but not help our own Citizens.#SHAMEFUL

May God Bless Deborah Morgan Smith, your family and Friends from Pittsburgh and God Bless the wonderful Flood Survivors in Louisiana. THEY NEED HELP NOW! Please donate whatever you can to the The Cajun Army I have been down there… They are real and they are helping people….

– Flood Surivivors from Superstorm Sandy

P.S. if you or someone you know would like to donate materials and have them delivered to Louisiana and need assistance, please email us at StopFemaNow@gmail.com and we can assist with Trucking and ancillary costs.


UPDATE  As of 6:00 am this morning they have stopped and slept in Jackson, Tennessee.

Even after two flat tires they are upbeat and can’t wait to help the flood survivors of Louisiana.

God Bless Deborah Morgan Smith and the volunteers helping her!

She should be running for president.


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