FEMA’s neutral review process is handcuffing the prestigious JAMS.  JAMS has been the leading arbitration firm in the country since 1979, but FEMA won’t let the former federal judges from JAMS interpret the flood policy or the law!  Shame on you FEMA!!


JAMS is the group of the neutrals that is reviewing our Sandy Claims when we dispute FEMA’s findings .It is highly regarded institution comprised primarily of retired Federal Judges, State Judges and attorneys. http://www.jamsadr.com/federal/


FEMA has broken every promise they made…..

  1.  FEMA is rejecting recommendations made by retired federal judges
  2.  FEMA promised claims would be resolved in 90 days from reopen to payment, and the neutral process itself is taking over 6 months in many cases.
  3.  FEMA is browbeating neutrals to lower their recommendations.
  4.  FEMA is contacting neutrals without telling policyholders. (Is this legal?)
  5.  FEMA is not providing homeowners with their files on time so they have to decide whether to go to the neutral before they even see documents.
  6.  This only review process is tainted with fraud as seen in television,
    Capitol Hill, whistleblowers, etc.  What is jams doing to investigate this fraud to make sure the process is actually fair?
  7.  Homeowners are not getting access to neutral recommendations while Fema is sitting on them and trying to pressure the neutrals into changing them.
  8.  FEMA promised they would have “neutrals” make recommendations but we now find out that they were trained only by Fema on how to review claims.  How is this neutral?

Read how the Sandy Claims Review process has been distorted by FEMA http://www.stopfemanow.com/fema-changed-neutral-process-middle-game/

PLEASE EMAIL Mrs. Kimberly Taylor, Esq. ( KTaylor@JAMSADR.com ) , she is the head of the JAMS / FEMA group.  Email her your story.


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