FEMA recently provided us with an update on the SANDY CLAIMS.

Here are some glaring questions that need to be addressed;

1.Why have all the claims not been closed AND paid yet?  Roy Wright promised to have all the claims settled and paid 90 days after reopening the claims.

2. Why are attorney represented claims receiving 90% more than homeowner represented claims?

3.Are the last 7,000 claims primarily attorney represented claims?  If so, why are they being delayed?

4.  NFIP has spent $500 million dollars reviewing these claims, so far.  How is allowed to go on?  Why is upper management of FEMA and NFIP held accountable?  Who is overseeing this process?  Why did FEMA’s advocate office not mention one word of this debacle?

5.  It’s almost 5 years after Superstorm Sandy.  When will all the claims be settled and paid in full?


If you are still waiting to get paid on your Sandy Claim please call your Senators and Congressmen.  Let them know you have waited long enough.  You want to get compensated accordingly and in a timely fashion.

(The statistics below were provided by FEMA to Congressman MacArthur’s office this past week.)



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