Your Flood Insurance Premium is based on the FEMA’s Base Flood Elevation (BFE).  Why have the BFE’s changed so drastically in such a short period of time?


If a home was recently flooded, and it is substantially damaged and is situated below the BFE, they are required to raise their homes.  If FEMA’s BFE  is continually changing what elevation should we raise our homes to?


Below is a list of changes to Snug Harbor – Toms River – NJ-  BFE’s and what the “actuary rate” would be at that time.


(Dates are approximate)                                Zone        BFE         Actuary Rate

  1. Mapping before Oct 29, 2012                       A                  6                  < $1,000  Home is built @ the BFE
  2. January 2013 (Pre-lim maps)                       V                  10                > $30,000    Home is – 4 Ft below  BFE in a V zone
  3. 2014 V zone issue fixed                                  A                  8                  > $8,000 Home is – 2 BFE
  4. 2015 Coastal A Zones implemented            –                   –                   Homes in this zone MUST build to V zone Standard.
  5. 2015 FEMA accepts NYC Map appeal        A                  ?                  FEMA accepts NYC Map appeal which states BFE’s are 1 to 2 feet too high from Long Island, NY to Cape May, NJ
  6. 2016 Dunes currently being built                ?                  ?                  Maps need updating – take into account protection from the dune system


Below is a video of the Brick, NJ  Township Engineer and Flood Plain Manager, Elissa Commins, discussing the Flood Map elevation and zone changes in the last few years.




The New Jersey Association of Realtors breaks down all the changes in the Flood Maps here





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