The Flood Insurance Advocate Office was put in place to represent and protect flood policyholders and show the mismanagement of the program so that the issues can be fixed.  Unfortunately the Advocates office is not mentioning the most damaging issues to flood policyholders.  You can read  FEMA’s 2016 Flood Advocate report here


Here are issues that should have covered;


  • FEMA’s  latest report does not explain how as of January 11, 2017, over 10,000 Superstorm Sandy survivors have still not been paid on their claims and 36% have not even been resolved yet.


  • FEMA’s Advocate report did not mention that NFIP spent $500 million dollars to “review” the Sandy Claims to pay out $180 million dollars.  That amounts to about $25,000 per “review”.


  • Why a homeowner who represented himself during the claims process received almost half of what an attorney represented attorney received.  The NFIP program has fought, denied and delayed paying flood policyholders more than any private insurer EVER has.  And the NFIP program hides behind federal immunity, otherwise there would have been a class action lawsuit filed against NFIP.





Click on one of the links below for FEMA’s full 2016 Advocate’s Office Report

Flood Insurance Advocate 2016 report (1)

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