FEMA /NFIP have recently been exposed AGAIN for drastically underpaying flood policy holders in Louisiana. This week there were CBS news reports about continued underpayments of flood claims.


Last time it was on the 60 Minutes segment “The Storm After the Storm” after Superstorm Sandy Flood Policyholders were defrauded.


Instead of FEMA fixing the issue, it lashes out at the attorney’s who are the last stop in helping homeowners get a fair claim on their flood policy.


FEMA needs to take the constructive criticism and fix their problems instead of responding with a Public Relations campaign admonishing the attorney’s representing policyholders.


Especially when FEMA hasn’t admonished  attorney Gerald Nielsen who was Sanctioned by a Brooklyn Federal District judge in the amount of $1,000,000.  And he is still representing FEMA’s insurance companies!!!


FEMA does not mention the fact that they were using “Disbarred Attorney’s” to review flood claims?


If FEMA were truly trying to fix this situation it should allow all flood claims to be under the jurisdiction of each state, just like every other private insurance company.  Instead FEMA hides behind Federal Immunity laws.  This is disingenuous.


Below are FEMA’s OFFICIAL statistics on the Reopening of Sandy Flood Claims.  As you can see, homeowners represented by Attorney’s received ALMOST DOUBLE the amount than homeowners who represented themselves.


Even after paying attorney fees they “netted” more at the end and the homeowner did not have to fight the federal government by themselves.


Numbers do not lie, FEMA does.




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