Last month, the Federal Emergency Management Agency proposed raising the base flood elevation from Flamingo Street to Buccaneer Drive from VE, meaning the area has a high risk for flooding, to VA, which is a slightly lower risk.


But this could be a costly change for homes and businesses built after 1984, as structures not built at a certain height will pay extra.


If newer, it must be rated with an elevation certificate and thats where it could get ugly, said Richard Karger, president of Fort Myers Beach Insurance Brokerage.


Jacki Liszak, owner of the Sea Gypsy Inn, says she went from paying around $3,000 to $47,000 for flood insurance because of the FEMA flood map change.


My flood insurance rate adjusted for over 2,000 percent, she said. Your rate will increase, so you need to stay involved and in touch with the group thats leading the charge in this area because being taken by surprise is real awful position to be in its really terrible.



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