Flood insurance reform and re authorization are bills are currently being discussed  in Congress.


One of the issues is capping the maximum price a homeowner can pay.


Congressman Zeldin – NY strongly feels a $10,000 cap is appropriate.  (Mr. Zeldin’s district includes the Hamptons in LI, NY).


Watch the video of Congresswoman Donovan -NY- pleading for Congressman Zeldin to bring the cap down to something more reasonable, but he declined.






We strongly urge our members, from across the country to call Mr. Zeldin’s office (202) 225-3826   and your congressman’s office ( http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/ ) and tell them you want “the $3,000 flood insurance cap”.  

Video of  Congresswoman Waters discussing lowering the Cap to $3,000 a year

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All 22,000 flood zone communities and 5.1 million flood policy holders must work together to KEEP FLOOD INSURANCE AFFORDABLE.


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