FORMER TRUMP ADVISER and lobbyist, Michael Caputo, is representing a Washington law firm –Weisbrod Matteis & Copley–   representing victims of Hurricane Sandy who are still seeking compensation from the Federal Emergency Management Agency nearly five years after the storm.


In an interview, Caputo said he plans to lobby Congress and the administration to ease what he called a “fatally flawed” claims review process. His most powerful argument: This is an issue the president cares about. Caputo talked with Trump about homeowners’ struggles to receive compensation from FEMA back in 2014, before he launched his campaign, and he said Trump was “wincing” at FEMA’s ineffectiveness even then. “I’ll work through the proper channels in the White House to make sure these families are heard,” Caputo said. He also plans to bring affected families to meet with their representatives and lawmakers on the relevant committees next month.

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