If your house raising IS stuck because of a Fraudulent Contractor or RREM Clawbacks please join us.

We will be discussing the following issues and more;


– What recourse do you have against your contractor? Is it worth pursuing your contractor for fraud?

– Brian McAlindin , Esq., from Bathgate, Wegener & Wolf , will be answering contractor fraud questions.

– Will a fraudulent contractor affect your RREM Grant financially?

– Is your RREM project stalled because you are waiting for a “Charging Document”?

– When will RREM clarify when you can re-start your house lift and how much money is left to complete your project?

– Will there be RREM Clawbacks because of mixed up/ incomplete paperwork from your Fraudulent Contractor?

– Learn how to correctly file your paperwork to RREM and NOT get get Clawbacked, before / during / after construction.

– If you are getting Clawedback, how to lower or eliminate the clawbacks?

– Let Trenton know that the RREM program needs further changes to get us back home.

– How does the ECR (Estimated Cost of Repair) help you fight your clawbacks?

– In some cases ICC, $30K to raise your home, is available to RREM recipients and NOT a DOB.  We will explain.

– In some cases up to $15,000 (for engineering, permits and “soft costs”) is allocated in RREM funds in addition to the $150,000 max.

– Has the cost of your home elevation risen above RREM’s estimate?  If so, we will discuss changing your “Scope of Work” to receive more funding.


Please join us on:

Wednesday, February 7, 2018 , at 7 pm. 

EMS Rescue Station, 81 Maine St., (like the state)

Toms River, NJ  08753


Thursday, February 8, 2018 at 7 pm. 

Union Hose Fire Company # 1, 1124 Florence Ave.,

Union Beach, NJ 07735.

Congressman Pallone’s Staff will be in attendance in Union Beach and Congressman Tom MacArthur ‘s staff will be in attendance in Toms River .


Brian McAlindin , Esq., from Bathgate Wegener & Wolf , will be answering contractor fraud questions.


Other elected officials and NJ state agencies are expected to confirm shortly.  We will update as they are confirmed.


All are invited, Bring a fellow flood survivor or friend.

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