We can not stress how important it is for folks to come to these meetings. Read Bob Paul’s post in our facebook group.  Days after attending our meeting, he has had much RREM action on his home.


We can help you get unstuck, get back on track and in many cases get you more funding…. Either through a change of scope, getting a higher unmet need so you can use part or all of your ICC.


Feel free to come meet with me any Wednesday from 11am- Noon, 77 Mantoloking Road, Brick, NJ



Bob Paul’s Facebook post

 Bob Paul

18 hrs  2/24/2018

“George…..in follow up to the Silverton meeting…my wife Robin contacted Sam, about a week ago, to which he promptly returned her call thank you Sam..

He also had his people call and follow up with assistance..

IEM pm also came to my house.. seemed genuinely concerned with getting us the help to get our project done….I had a good pm with CBI, but the mere fact that this new manager took the time to see the property/project is great….hope that this is a sign of good things going to happen and finally get done

Thank you again George…”



Feel free to come and meet with George Kasimos every Wednesday from 11am – Noon.

Bring a neighbor or friend too!  All are welcome.



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