Our group started with just 22 concerned citizens who were victims of flooding. This is a video of our first meeting. 

When we had a follow-up meeting, the response was so overwhelming that it had to be shut down because the large crowd was a fire hazard. (From NJ’s largest newspaper) Foes of FEMA flood maps want answers – and a place to meet 

Stop FEMA Now has been featured thousands of times from local newspapers and TV news programs to articles in the NY Times and the Wall Street Journal.

After this meeting, mayors in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania were asking Stop FEMA Now to hold meetings in their areas about flood maps and flood insurance. Toms River, NJBrick, NJVentnor, NJ – Atlantic City, NJ – Staten Island, NYBroad Channel, Queens, NYLong Island, NY Lycoming County, PA

The result of public meetings and rallies on the need for FEMA to fix its flood maps was an 80% reduction in home elevations and severe zone designations. Watch Newscast.

As Stop FEMA Now informed and gave a voice to residents of flood zones, many called for a national rally to “Keep Flood Insurance Affordable.” We mounted 14 rallies in one weekend in Louisiana, Hawaii, Florida, Iowa, Vermont, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Alabama and Georgia.

There were hundreds of news articles before and after this outpouring of public support, including this CBS National News Report. 

We eventually became part of a National Coalition called “Coalition for Sustainable Flood Insurance” . See a list of our Broad Based Coalition Members here.

What we came to realize is that FEMA does not take into account science or common sense when we ask to have our flood maps corrected or use accurate actuary rates for flood insurance, but it will respond to political pressure from our rallies and members contacting our federal representatives.

How did we get US Senator Toomey from Pennsylvania to bow to our pressure?

He was blocking a reform measure, the Homeowners Flood Insurance Affordability Act, from coming out of a subcommittee for a vote on the Senate Floor. We not only “persuaded” him to release the bill out of the subcommittee, but he eventually voted in favor of it. Watch how we did it HERE.

Stop FEMA Now members tweeted Senator Toomey over 15,000 times in a week!

Eventually the bill was passed and signed into law. Senator Menendez thanked founder George Kasimos for our organization’s efforts. (Fast-forward this VIDEO to the 1:00-minute mark.) 

More recently we have been making noise about FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program payments on flood insurance claims. Thousands of policyholders’ claims were severely underpaid or unjustly denied. We raised this issue repeatedly until the news media and government authorities investigated the underpayments and alleged insurance fraud. “60 Minutes”  aired the story here.

On an unprecedented CBS-TV “60 Minutes” follow-up segment, it reported that FEMA reacted swiftly and fired or retired its top two flood insurance officials, promising more “heads may roll soon.” The Storm After the Storm newscast here. 

Stop FEMA Now members call elected officials and news media when we have a “call to action.” We tweeted the “60 Minutes” reporter over 1,100 times before, during and after the broadcast, and she also received countless phone calls and emails from our members.

No matter what your issue is — erroneous flood maps, exorbitant flood insurance premiums, Sandy rebuilding problems or any other concern with FEMA — we will try to help fix it. We have shown that we can push back on FEMA and win.

How do we continue to “Stop FEMA Now”? We have to reach 22,000 flood-zone communities with over 30 million residents in all 50 states. We need YOUR help.

1. When we have a “call of action” phone, email and tweet elected officials and news media. Please do it. IT WORKS.

2. Please buy a lawn sign here and put it on your property. Every neighbor is a potential ally and supporter. When they receive their flood insurance bills, they will come talk to you.

3. Please contribute whatever you can here. Our volunteers operate on a shoestring budget.

4. Please open a Twitter account. Follow and Retweet @StopFemaNow daily to your  elected officials and news reporters across the country. If you need assistance in opening a Twitter account, please join our Facebook Toolkit page or email us and ask a question StopFemaNow@gmail.com . Our members will help you.

We have tweeted and retweeted over 1 million times!

Retweet @StopFemaNow for one minute a day and we will Stop FEMA Now!


Thank you,

George Kasimos

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