1. Spread the word to your neighbors in a flood zone.
  2.  Join our interactive Facebook Group www.facebook.com/groups/stopfemanownj
  3. Call, email, write and tweet your Senators, Congressman, Mayors and councilman and let them know your concerns.
  4. “LIKE” us on Facebook
  5. Open a Twitter account. (VERY IMPORTANT)
  6. Follow and re-tweet @StopFemaNow daily.
  7. Contact your local media to have your story told.
  8. Comment on news stories, posted online, concerning flood insurance. Add the following verbiage “Please join us to Keep Flood Insurance Affordable www.StopFemaNow.com.”
  9. Make a simple flyer and invite your neighbors over to discuss how flood insurance will affect them.
  10. Contact us so we can help you get your community involved. (Email us). Please include your name, email, cell number, state, county and websites of your group.
  11. Have your Elected officials write a letter of endorsement for Stop Fema Now and our mission. Like this one 9th District Delegation – NJ
  12. We cam help you organize a meeting in your community to discuss how the new FEMA flood maps and the Exorbitant Rise in Flood Insurance premiums will affect your community.
  13. Contact local media in your community and let them know of your issue. (Make sure you have a StopFemaNow lawn sign on your property).
  14. Have your council, mayor, freeholder, condo association, congressman and senator pass a similar resolution.  http://www.stopfemanow.com/town-resolutions-to-stop-flood-insurance-increases/

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