Flooding and Flood Insurance is the most important issue in our communities.

Below is an email sent to New York elected officials from a concerned NY Resident, Roger Gendron who also runs the New Hamilton Beach Civic Association.

We suggest you write a similar email to your town, state and federally elected official and social media post about your issues..  


“Good Morning All,

I just wanted to take a moment and thank each of you who attended our 3rd Protect Our Community meeting yesterday. It was extremely informative for so many and I hope this is another step towards protecting our community from the increase in tidal flooding.

As an example of what was discussed yesterday, the picture below was taken at 8:20 AM on 10/27 in front of my home on Davenport Court in Hamilton Beach. The forecast high tide was a 7.11 ft @ 7:58 A.M. and the observed high tide was  8.0 ft  with a water depth of approx. 8 inches in the street. This is the flooding that impacts our community on a regular basis. Any sustained easterly winds can cause this and the rainfall on exacerbates the flooding.

Communities that flood, like Hamilton Beach, Howard Beach, need protection on a smaller level. A barrier that could be used to prevent the our streets from being flooded. Hamilton Beach is virtually cut off during episodes of flooding such as this. We only have one way in and one way out for vehicles to enter and leave our community. Flooded streets lead to delayed response times from our emergency services which could leave the most vulnerable in our community at risk.

Again, thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you to address the single most important issue that my community faces.


Roger Gendron,  President , New Hamilton Beach Civic Association Hamilton Beach  NY 11414″


Our goal is to get all 22,000 flood zone communities to speak as one.   There are currently 5.1 million flood policyholders

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