The Mayor of this town has done the following for the homeowners in his town:

– Waived all permitting fees related to Sandy (house raising, repairs, etc..)

– Passed an Ordinance for Pre-Existing Non-Conforming use. (If you had a driveway, shed, stairs, etc… that was existing before the storm, you would NOT NEED to file for a variance).

– “We did not want the municipality to be a ‘hurdle’ to get folks home”  – Mayor Matt Doherty

– He did all this with No Municipal tax Increases in the last 7 years

LASTLY Every one of his Sandy Homeowners is Back in their homes!  EVERY ONE OF THEM!

GREAT JOB MAYOR MATT DOHERTY.  (Most Sandy Mayors Should Follow Your Lead)

If all the Mayors followed his lead all Sandy Survivors would have saved thousands in permit fees, saved  additional thousands by not having to hire an attorney and engineer for filing for a variance AND would have been home several months sooner!

StopFemaNow Fully Endorses Mayor Matt Doherty’s  SUPERSTORM SANDY Policies.


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