Representative Taylor – Miss.  testified, in Congress in 2010, that Billions of Wind Claims during Katrina were fraudulently moved over to the NFIP as flood claims.  He goes on to explain the claims process and how the insurance companies manipulate it and underpay us or move the burden to pay from the private insurers -Wind Claim to a Flood Claim where NFIP policyholders have to pick up the cost.  Watch below or here

There was an attorney that took this case to litigation.  And after a decade of litigation, since Katrina, that Wind Claims were fraudulently changed by adjusters and insurance companies to Flood Claims.   The insurance companies were fighting this tooth and nail.  There were billions at stake….  This one lawfirm Weisbrod, Matteis and Copley took the litigation to the Supreme Court and won!

Supreme Court Upholds Hurricane Katrina Fraud Verdict Against State Farm

Pictured below are Rigsby Sisters (Whistleblowers), August Matties, Esq and George Kasimos.





Thank You August Matteis and everyone at Weisbrod, Matteis and Copley who tenaciously fought this lawsuit of insurance abuse against NFIP policyholders.


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