Congressman Graves stated that New Orleans flooded during Katrina due to the failure of the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers levee system.

 “NFIP payouts as a result  of Katrina were not because of the hurricane (Katrina), but because of engineering failures of USACE levees.”  – Congressman Graves

The US Court of Claims reinforced this fact when they ruled that the Army Corp of Engineers is liable for the flooding of New Orleans.

Congressman Graves has stated that “the $18 billion dollar charge to the NFIP should be charged back to the ACoE,”


Senator Menendez has stated that at least “$10 billion Dollars of the flooding during Katrina should be charged back to the ACoE”


The NFIP and it’s policyholders should not be liable for the flooding caused by the failures of the ACoE.  Also the interest paid on this amount should be refunded to the NFIP and it’s policyholders.


Read Reason #1 and Reason # 2 here.



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