Below is a list of Panel Members who have confirmed they will be joining us.


MORE ADVOCATES WILL BE ADDED, check back with us here


If you are concerned about any NFIP / FEMA issues, please join us by emailing us at


Expert Panel Members

Amy Bach, Esq. Executive Director – United Policyholders – California

Willo Kelly – NC-20NC Association of Realtors and NC Builders Association – North Carolina

Lee Cummings – Fair Insurance Rates in Monroe  (FIRM) – Florida

Sandy Rosenthal –  Founder and Director, LeveesOrg , Louisiana

Caroline Nagy – Center for NYC Neighborhoods – New York

August Matteis, Esq – Weisbrod Matteis & Copley PLLC – Washington, DC

Sue MarticekOcean County Long Term Recovery Group, New Jersey

John Houghtaling, Esq. – Gauthier Houghtaling, Attorneys of Law – Louisiana

Phillip M. Nufrio, PhD – School of Public Affairs and Administration – Metropolitan College of New York

Dan Hanson –Homeowners’ Hurricane Insurance Initiative  – Alabama / Gulf Coast

George Kasimos   – StopFemaNow, Realtor and Broker, New Jersey

Claudette Christina D’arrigo – Highlands CouncilwomanNew Jersey

Steve Nicosia – Flood Insurance Advocate –   Mississippi

Clyde Cain – Louisiana Cajun Navy –  Louisiana

Diane Myers Mace – West Virginia

Jack Frost – His Premium has risen from $5K – 13K.  Actuary rate is well over $30K –  Virginia 



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