Willo Kelly wrote her Congressman – Walter Jones -NC , and expressed her “serious concerns”about a proposed flood insurance bill that will “burden policyholders with much higher premiums in the form of a higher rate, surcharges and assessments.  ”


Congressman Walter Jones then  forwarded Willo’s letter to both Chairman Hensarling and Ranking Member Waters.  He also followed up with a conversation with the two most powerful house members concerning NFIP reauthorization.


They both read Willo’s letter and comments on her concerns.  (Click here to view the letter).


We urge you to write a letter to your congressman and Senators and let them know your concern, they will listen.   There are over 5 million flood policy holders, across the country, having similar  flooding / flood insurance premium increases / mapping / or other concerns.  We need to voice them collectively now and until Reauthorization on September 30th this year.


Willo also sent this letter to the National Association of Realtors and the National Home Builders Association Regulatory Affairs staff.  If you are a realtor or broker, please send a letter to your local board, state board and National Association of Realtors.


We will be having a live conversation with Willo Kelly later on today at 5pm, watch and listen here  www.facebook.com/StopFemaNow .



Willo Kelly’s Biography- 

Consultant that serves as the Government Affairs Director for the Outer Banks Home Builders .

Consultant that serves as the Government Affairs Director for theOuter Banks Association of Realtors

President of NC-20, This group serves the 20 eastern NC counties.






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