September 13th – 


10:00 am – Noon:  Meet at Room #1629 Longworth.

Longworth House Office Building, 9 Independence Ave SE, Washington, DC 20515.


Noon – 1 pm Lunch at the Longworth Cafeteria – Basement level.


1pm – 5 pm – Lobbying strategic Congressmen and Senator’s offices in the Capital.


7:00 pm – Dinner – Debriefing / Strategy for the future


Expert Panel


Dan Wade, Esq., Vice Chair – United Policyholders – California


Claudette Christina D’arrigo – Highlands Councilwoman, New Jersey


Caroline Nagy – Center for NYC NeighborhoodsNew York


August Matteis, Esq – Weisbrod Matteis & Copley PLLCWashington, DC


Sue MarticekOcean County Long Term Recovery Group, New Jersey


Joanne Fogarty – Rockaway Point Association, President (1,200 homes), New York


Phillip M. Nufrio, PhD – School of Public Affairs and Administration – Metropolitan College of New York


Elizabeth Malone – NHS Brooklyn, Program Manager, Resiliency & Insurance – New York City


Sandy Rosenthal –  LeveesOrg, Louisiana


Dan Hanson –Homeowners’ Hurricane Insurance Initiative  – Alabama / Gulf Coast


Willo Kelly – NC-20, Outerbanks Realtor / Builder Association – North Carolina


Lee Cummings – Fair Insurance Rates in Monroe  (FIRM) – Florida


Tab Troxler – St. Charles Parish Assessor’s OfficeLouisiana


Jack Frost – Premium has risen from $5,000 to  $13,000.  Actuary rate is well over $30K –  Virginia 


Jeff Waltman – Premium is $9,300 yearly  for his $65,000 home – Pennsylvania


George Kasimos   – StopFemaNow, Realtor and Broker, New Jersey


Diane Mace – West Virginia





The Westin Alexandria400 Courthouse Square. Alexandria, VA 22314.



#FixFlood is the hashtag for this campaign.







Issues to be discussed.

Community Mitigation vs. Individual House Raising

Cap on Premiums

Continuing with Grandfathering

FEMA Debt Forgiveness

ICC – Raise from $30K to $100K

Allowing ICC to be used Pre-Disaster

Funding Community Mitigation projects with SBA funding

Funding House raising with SBA “Wrap-Around” low interest mortgage

Exclude Catastrophic years in premium calculations

Means Testing premiums

Premium not to exceed 1 % cost of property

SRL – Aggressive mitigation needed (How to fund it?)

Increasing policy limits

Increase policies in and out of SFHA

Ease ICC payments up front.

ICC to be used for bulkheads, sidewalks, demolition, buyout, elevation, relocation, elevators, ramps, driveways, etc…

Exempt ICC from 250Kpayout.

Remove earth movement issue

Stafford Act / DOB Clarification

States to receive funding to map their own states.

Lidar to be used for mapping (will eliminate need for Elevation Certificate?)

FEMA to reimburse homeowner for successful LOMA

Superstorm Sandy and Louisiana SBA loans to be forgiven.  Just as happenned during Katrina.

If EC is required, FEMA will reimburse homeowners

Billions will be needed for pre-mitigation, should be disbursed to SRL communites first.

Recognize protection from Levees and dams.

Capping / Reducing WYO compensation

Proof of Loss deadline to be extended

Ease proof of loss requirement

FEMA recoupment should be limited to 24 months caused by FEMA mistake, unless fraudulent.

Appeals process to be implemented

Attorney fees to be reimbursed, retroactive to Superstorm Sandy

Remove immunity from NFIP and Contractors

NFIP to abide by State Insurance Laws, strip federal immunity

NFIP claim should include rental assistance.

Disaster funding for other disasters vs. NFIP

Lowest Floor Elevation – Update and “exclude” utilities and non – structural items from lowering BFE.

Substantially Damaged Designations must be completed no more than 60 days after a storm.

Insurance write-offs need to be consistent through all disasters.  Katrina had 10% allowable loss, not so for Superstorm Sandy.

Treat 2nd homeowners the same as primary homeowners.  In cost of premiums, rate increases, surcharges and payout of claims.


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