– FEMA is taking weeks to inspect homes.
– There are 3- 4 hour delays when calling 800-621-FEMA.
– 2 Weeks after Harvey homeowners are still waiting for “temporary” assistance checks.
– $500 “Emergency Assistance ” take weeks to be processed.
– Only 15 FEMA trailers have been approved in Florida.
– Homeowners waiting 16 Hours on hold with FEMA.  Told to call back in a few days.


SFN – If folks are frustrated now. Wait till flood policyholders find out they are getting lowballed, delayed and denied. How will they react when they are waiting for years instead of weeks or months, for their flood insurance payments.


The flood survivors in Louisiana, a year into their “recovery”,  are waiting for a fair settlement on their flood claim.


There are over 2,000 flood policyholders in NY/NJ after Superstorm Sandy still waiting for a settlement on their claim – 5 years after the storm. Thousands more still waiting on their check…. it is being “processed”.


Seems not much has changed since the Sandy Task Force, 3 years ago.


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Read the full story here https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/22/us/fema-texas-florida-delays-.html




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