“When I came into office, I think FEMA was an organization that was still, as Craig put it, wrapped around the axel.  It now exemplifies the extraordinary role that effective government agencies and the people who work there can play in making our lives better, in saving lives, in helping people pick themselves back up after they’ve gotten hit with a tremendous blow.

So I want to publicly acknowledge not only the outstanding work that Craig has done, the leadership that he’s provided here at FEMA, but everybody at FEMA, because they have dealt with everything — hurricanes, storms, tornadoes, flooding, fires.  And in every situation, FEMA has been there on time, ready.  And I think it’s a testament to their effectiveness that very rarely, if ever, have you heard a complaint from a governor or a mayor or a local community about a lack of responsiveness when it comes to FEMA, no matter what the disaster is.”


Head in Sand

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