Interest is growing as we continue to have these informative meetings across NY and NJ.

We are setting up several more of these meetings to provide you with the information on not only “Why you should Reopen your Sandy Claim“, but How to Maximize your new claim.

These are a few of the dozens of issues discussed…..

– You should have gotten paid  for your taxes on your claim.

– You should have gotten paid for the bottom AND the TOP kitchen cabinets.

– If your electrical wiring was EXPOSED to Sandy Flood waters, you should get paid for it

– “Wicking” – how it damages your home and how to get paid on this damage.

Substantially Damaged – 

We discuss how to LEGALLY avoid raising your home if you receive over 51% of the value of your home (the improvement)

Duplication of Benefits – 

We discuss how to LEGALLY save part or all of your additional Flood Insurance Claim from being a D.O.B. and keeping it for yourself.

We will be announcing future meetings shortly…. Please join us….







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