The Ocean City Library conference room was packed last night.  The residents came to hear  how their flood insurance will be increasing in the future.


Most residents were upset to hear that primary homeowners would be receiving up to an 18% compounded yearly increases, until they reached their actuary rates.  But the residents in this resort community, which is packed with 2nd homes, was shocked that 2nd homes would be receiving up to 25% compounded yearly increases with a $250 yearly surcharge.


They have serious concerns how the values of their homes will be drastically affected by the exorbitant rise in flood insurance premiums.


We urged all the residents, across the country,  to contact their Congressman/Senators and let them know you are concerned about the rise in flood insurance premiums.


To  the good folks of Ocean City we urge you to call Congressman Lobiondo’s DC office Phone: (202) 225-6572 and NJ Office Phone (609) 625-5008.  Let him know you are concerned about the rise in flood insurance premiums and how it will affect your home.  Also let him know your community needs funding to stop the “sunny day flooding” in your community.


Please thank David Hayes and the Board  from “Fairness it Taxes in Ocean City” and Suzanne Leary Hornick and the good folks from “Ocean City Flooding / Stop the Flooding Now” who hosted the meeting and requested Mr. Kasimos, from StopFemaNow, to come and discuss how the rise in flood insurance premiums will affect the value of their homes.


Packed house meetings like this send a message to congress that “We Must Keep Flood Insurance Affordable” as NFIP needs congressional reauthorization at the end of the month.


Please share this email to fellow flood policy holders and elected officials in your community.


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