Congressman Pallone invited elected officials to discuss the preliminary Army Corp of Engineers Mitigation designs to lessen future flooding in NY and NJ communities.  There were also FEMA, NJDEP and local elected official in attendance.


The preliminary cost of these mitigation projects is expected to exceed 100 Billion Dollars  (Army Corp of Engineers presentation PART 1, Part 2, Part 3) .


Some very valid issues came up;   Will there be one continuous Sea Wall / Sea Gate reaching from Breezy Point NY to Sandy Hook, NJ?  Will the Barnegea Bay receive flood gates at the Manasquan and Barnegat Bay inlets? What will the environmental impacts be?  Will low lying roads be raised? How do we speed up the process so these measures are implemented in years instead of decades from now?


Whatever mitigation project your town may need, now is the time to speak up and attend these meetings.  If your city was not represented, we urge you to reach out to them and let them know that flooding is a major concern and they need to get involved and try and get mitigation projects in their towns.


These projects will be funded 75% from the Federal government and 25% by state and local government.  The more mayors and councilmen speak out the more funding the state will provide allowing more federal funding.  Now is the time to speak up.


We would like to thank Congressman Pallone for being proactive and starting this process and inviting everyone to this meeting.  We also want to thank the following Elected officials for joining us and expressing their concern to mitigate flooding in their communities;


Mayors; John Pallone – Long Branch, Mayor Ducey – Brick, Mayor O’Neil – Highlands

Councilmen; Maurice “Mo” Hill, Jr. – Toms River, Rosemary Ryan – Highlands, Marc Lechstein – Sea Bright

Township Administrators / Engineers;   John Camera – Berkeley Township, Karen Longo – Old Bridge, Nichole Shapiro – Old Bridge, Kim Gonzales – Highlands, Robert Howard, Jr. – Union Beach, Thomas Flynn – Woodbridge, Jeffrey Rauch – Perth Amboy, Irving Lozada – Perth Amboy,  John Lecompte – Bay Head / Point Pleasant, Pamela Hilla, Engineer, Dennis Daybark


A special shout out to Mayor Amato from Berkeley Township for spreading the word in Ocean County.


We also have reached out to  our counterparts in New York City who are closely involved in this process; Dan Mundy – Jamaica Bay Ecowatchers and Denise Niebel – Breezy Point Cooperative.


Thanks again to Congressman Pallone, ACoE, NJDEP, FEMA and all the elected officials who attended this meeting.




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