“Darilyn and Booley Genre learned the hard way that doing what they considered the right thing does not pass muster with federal agencies after a natural disaster.

The Denham Springs couple thought they had gone above and beyond to ensure their South River Road home would not flood. They built it one foot above the 100-foot flood level based on the 1983 benchmark.

The Genres kept $30,000 flood insurance on their home, a move that backfired when FEMA rejected their request for assistance to fix their home.

“In the eyes of FEMA, it would’ve been better to have no flood insurance,” Booley said.

The Genres eventually secured a $104,000 SBA loan, but the agency slashed the amount to $20,000 – the amount the homeowners insurance agreed to pay.

“We’re pretty much responsible for anything not covered by SBA,” Darilyn said. “We were penalized for having flood insurance.

“It’s typical government,” she said. “People who pay their bills, follow the rules and pay their own way are the ones who get shafted by government.”

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