When searching for a house raiser please do your due diligence like Betty Madarasz Miller did from Toms River.


Take your time and do your research and don’t hire a “horror story” of a house raiser.


Make sure you get recommendations. Check the Dept. of Consumer Affairs Website for Violations. Make sure you go to their office and meet with the staff.



Please do not hire a house lifter with just a “magnet on their pickup truck”. Also make sure they speak “RREM”, otherwise you might get clawed back.


We suggest you reach out to StopFemaNow Sponsor PennJersey Development to raise your home.   www.PennJerseyDev.com . 732-592-1990 .


They are a New Jersey family run business that has been in business for over 2 decades.



Watch Betty’s video here or below


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