There will be public meeting across the country to comment on President’s new Executive Order 13690, “The Federal Flood Risk Management Standard” for federal agencies.

All Federal Agencies (including FEMA) are required to take Sea Level rise into account and implement them into our flood maps. This will raise our required BFE’s, elevating “perceived” risk thereby raising the cost of our flood insurance premiums even further.

We urge our members to visit one of the 4 locations and publicly comment on how this will devastate our communities.  See locations and full article here.

We also urge our members to email or mail their comments to;

“Comments on the Draft Guidelines for Implementing Executive Order, Establishing a Federal Flood Risk Management Standard and a Process for Further Soliciting and Considering Stakeholder Input, may be submitted for 60 days, with a deadline of April 6, 2015 by one of the following methods:

Federal eRulemaking Portal: Search for the notice in docket ID FEMA-2015-0006

Mail/Hand Delivery/Courier: Regulatory Affairs Division, Office of Chief Counsel, Federal Emergency Management Agency, 8NE, 500 C Street, SW, Washington, DC 20472-3100″

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