Sharyn Alfonsi –

“Evidence of what appears to be wide scale fraud”
“Original damage reports were changed to make it look like the damage was not that bad”

George Cable (Homeowner)
“Received $79,000 in flood insurance on a $250,000 policy.”
“I have estimates from $300,000 to $350,000 to rebuild the house”
“The original engineer’s report stated the home was structurally damaged by the storm”, “But the report from U.S. Forensics stated the home was ‘NOT STRUCTURALLY DAMAGED’ “

Andrew Braum –
“Changes were made to his engineering reports and he was asked to cover it up”
“96% of his engineering reports were “doctored / altered” without his permission.”
“Hi-Rise Engineering pressured him to sign an affidavit saying he agreed with their final reports, he ignored their requests and never did it (signed the affidavit).”

Brad Kieserman –
“I’ve seen evidence of it” ” referring to Fraudulent engineering reports and CRIMINAL ACTIVITY”.
” FEMA knew  in Auguest of 2013, that engineers conducting inspections were NOT licensed”

“Only a handful, of the 2,000 original homeowners who filed lawsuits, have received checks.”

We must all Thank Andrew Braum, ASB Engineering, Long Beach, NY (516) 785 4200, for being the only Engineer to Stand Up and Speak out against the FRAUD.

He is a True Hero.

Watch the 60 minutes segment here

Andrew Braum Engineer

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