The “expedited” Sandy Review process is over a year old. Virtually everyone is being denied, delayed or underpaid. Homeowners are being “forced” to settle for less because they can’t hang on any longer. It’s been over 3 1/2 years after the flood. How can a homeowner pay rent, mortgage, taxes and wait all this time to rebuild their home.


We thought that after the 60 minutes report proving FRAUD in the claims process that FEMA/NFIP would have be quick and fair in finally paying our claims.


Forget about quick – Less than 50 people have been through the 3rd party neutral process, out of 19,000 total claims. It will take several years to get all the homeowers cleared from this process.


Fair? We have again uncovered FRAUD, this time with the adjustors.

We have been patient enough.


We will have buses going down to Washington DC next week. There will be a briefing with Media and congressmen. There will be a special announcement too !


We will then lobby our congressmen.


This is not just for current Sandy Survivors, but all flood insurance claimants. Past, present and future.


We currently have buses leaving NY and NJ. More will be added as needed. See flyer below for specifics.


Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks will be served.


Everyone will be back for dinner.


Please join us and bring a friend.







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