– “focused on holding both the Chris Christie and Barack Obama administrations accountable, regardless of politics or partisanship.”

– “constituents shared with me horror stories of being paid pennies on the dollar on their flood insurance policies. FEMA denied this, but I trusted the victims.”

– “But the state’s RREM program to get people back in their homes failed to deliver. I held hearings exposing its gross mismanagement, the sweetheart deals to inept contractors like HGI and the slow, inefficient delivery of disaster funds to families in need.”

– “Now HUD wants $43 million back because of the state’s bungling. But the federal government had a responsibility to fix these problems from the beginning, not come along four years later and ask for its money back.”

– “The NFIP is up for reauthorization in the coming year and I will be leading the charge for real change and a top-to-bottom overhaul.”

– “FEMA must cap the profits of its flood insurance companies — or kick them out entirely.”

– “I will call upon the new Congress to launch a resiliency infrastructure surge that would invest billions of dollars to fortify our neighborhoods, secure buildings, weatherproof homes, and construct a series of flood protections like berms, seawalls and dunes, to keep floodwaters at bay.”

– “let us pledge to never forget the struggles of Sandy survivors. And let us promise to learn from this disaster, so that we are better prepared and more resilient going forward. It’s now or never.”

Remember: Senator Menendez sponsored and passed the Homeowners Flood Insurance Affordability Act in the least productive Congress in American history.

Remember: Senator Menendez fixed the “V” zone debacle FEMA put us in shortly after Sandy.

Click on the link below for the full story.



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